110mm cable basket


  • 110mm side height cable basket
  • All sizes and dimensions displayed in mm
  • Standard finish is BZP
size110 X 100110 X 150110 X 200110 X 300110 X 400110 X 450
size110 X 500110 X 550110 X 600110 X 700110 X 800110 x 900

Cable Basket shall be manufactured from steel wires, welded together and bent into final shape prior to surface treatment. Cable Baskets will be manufactured and constructed with a 50mm x 100mm mesh configurations, we can also offer 50mm x 50mm as an alternative

For Power Coating – please provide RAL number

Basket Widths & Depths

Cable Basket measured dimensions are all internal

Depths of 35mm, 60mm, 110mm & 160mm are available to 3m long

Variations available – please contact us for more details


Cable Baskets will be coupled together using either a fast spring coupler or a 25mm/30mm counter clamp combination with supporting lateral splice plate on trays over 300mm width

Cable Baskets shall be supported at a maximum span of 2.5m by trapeze, wall, floor or channel mounting methods and will not exceed maximum loads as specified by the manufacturer

Tests – Certification & Conformity 

Loading and deflection characteristics of the tray should be tested and the results published in accordance with the Standard BS EN 61537: 2007

Suitability for the support of Cat6 data cabling should be demonstrated by way of independent test verification

Electrical continuity across a coupling should be demonstrated by means of a published test method and result

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Manufacturing the Difference

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